I received Sweet Fuse: At Your Side in the mail last night!

The Hogstein necklace that comes with it is so awesome— I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the charm and “fuse”-like chain! (There is a nice back side to the charm too, with the game’s logo.) I wore it for awhile, like a dork, while playing 8D

I’ve started the game and am already quite attached to the characters D= It’s been enjoyable, and I recommend it to folks who like otome games— or even those who just like an interesting, interwoven story/mystery.

I like how the mystery slowly builds and connects everyone as you play through the routes, like putting a puzzle together. I’ve been playing in the suggested order (Wakasa > Meoshi > Mitarashi > Urabe > Shirabe > Shidou > Mikasa) and feel that it’s crucial in order to maintain the mystery through the game.

Support localization of visual novels/otome games and purchase Sweet Fuse! Only $29.99 on Amazon. =)
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