I received Sweet Fuse: At Your Side in the mail last night!

The Hogstein necklace that comes with it is so awesome— I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the charm and “fuse”-like chain! (There is a nice back side to the charm too, with the game’s logo.) I wore it for awhile, like a dork, while playing 8D

I’ve started the game and am already quite attached to the characters D= It’s been enjoyable, and I recommend it to folks who like otome games— or even those who just like an interesting, interwoven story/mystery.

I like how the mystery slowly builds and connects everyone as you play through the routes, like putting a puzzle together. I’ve been playing in the suggested order (Wakasa > Meoshi > Mitarashi > Urabe > Shirabe > Shidou > Mikasa) and feel that it’s crucial in order to maintain the mystery through the game.

Support localization of visual novels/otome games and purchase Sweet Fuse! Only $29.99 on Amazon. =)

I’m travelling to NYC for a couple days starting tomorrow– it’ll be nice to get away from work for a bit.

Off the top of my head, here’s a hitlist of nerdy (or delicious) places I visit when in the city. I’m sure I’m merely skimming the surface– New York natives probably know many more hidden gems =)

Books & Comics

  • Kinokuniya: Awesome Japanese bookstore/café I could spend hours in. Art books ahoy.
  • Book-Off: Same as above, but primarily used goods! Manga overload.
  • Forbidden Planet: Western & indie comics, toys, manga.

Figyas & Toys

  • Image Anime: Impressive & relatively recent figure selection.
  • Toy Tokyo: Designer toys, vinyl, oddities, blind boxes, dolls, a fun eclectic mix.
  • Nintendo World: Everything Nintendo, all of the Pokmans. Goods, toys & games.


Photo credit: Josh Gutmaker


Recently I’ve been hooked on Jet Set Radio HD— many hours of my pre-adolescent life were spent grinding away at the original JGR on Dreamcast, haha. I think I was heavily influenced/impressed as a kid by its overall stylishness and unique characters. Being able to play on Steam now is a nostalgia trip!

(Though the controls are as wonky and infuriating as I remember them, unfortunately…)

I loved Mew and Cube as a kid, but my favorite nowadays is good ‘ol Beat, haha. He’s got some tude. (Images found from Google)


So I saw these awesome eye-blinding ponies at Target over the weekend, on sale for $5. A quick and violent internal battle ensued, but in the end I could not resist =(

Colorful + unique style + PONIES = take my money! (I really like the garters on the two unicorns’ front legs, lol…)


Yes, I actually pry myself away from games and toys sometimes, and do things like crafts! Though it’s hard to be productive =(

Amigurumi is fun and relaxing here’s a sampling of some projects from the past year. (Crossposted from my craft-specific account; sorry if you’re seeing these twice!)


Awesome announcement!! I’m a fan of Bandai’s D-Arts line, since it’s based off game characters. (Actually, one of my presents last Xmas was D-Arts Terry Bogard! Please make more fighting game figures, Bandai…)

On a somewhat related subject, what’s up with SMT x Fire Emblem?! Hm… a SRPG in which you control tiny demon sprites? A 1st person dungeon crawler where you recruit armored doods and ladies? I’m intrigued! (Images from myfigurecollection.net & Google)


I’m such a slowpoke at Fire Emblem! Recently promoted my Tactician-turned-mage into a Dark Knight sole reason being that they look badass. Shallow, right?!

(Fearsome as she looks, Nessa prancing around in panty bottoms is going to take some getting used to… lol.)

Also finally set-up my Streetpass team… aptly named the Gotham Squad ;) Too bad they’re still so nooby!


So I got these lovely Queen’s Blade Rebellion: Mini figures in the mail the other day! Therefore, have some artsy fartsy photos.

They’re small, but packed full of details. Love Ymir’s gold skulls all over! They even have cute tiny panties… yes, I checked *cough*

I bought the whole set for ~$50 shipped from Amiami. A good deal considering you get everybody + duplicates!


Another 2D-styled indie game I want to try is Kentucky Route Zero! An extremely atmospheric, kinda creepy exploration/adventure game. You meander through Kentucky and experience all sorts of strange, almost dreamlike events.

Really dig the stylized graphics and moody colors. Plus your companion is a dog wearing a straw hat, what’s not to love??

You can purchase it from their official site (but I’m holding out for the Steam release)! (Images found from Google)


Love the super graphic/pop style of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure! Though at times it’s too nonsensically gory for me, haha…

Also featured: the epic return of MECHA STROHEIMMMMMMMM

(I clapp’d)